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m. / No. 75Original upload:2016-10-06 14:00:24.976.21:8906Character:NPC Entry 001, 002:TS:(You stand at the bottom of the dark corridor, the beams of your lantern casting odd shadows everywhere.)Do you see them, the scars on my back? The ones that have been there since the day I was born?(While the rest of her energy is used up by summoning her gateway and transforming into the giant spider she just summoned, she still can use her ability to manipulate her body and casting extremely powerful shadow bombs and spike traps that also can be easily hidden in the walls and the ceiling of the corridor.)(she can make herself appear as a dark and powerful being that even the heroes of Orign would be afraid of) How Media Industry Consolidation Is Failing Us - aaronbrethorst ====== wj One could make a case that the media industry has been failing us for decades, even before the Big Tech Era. Just look at the vast scale of journalism, and its massive daily output. Such a large system of content creation requires a large amount of focus and resources, which is a scarce commodity. Would it not make more sense to incentivize smaller, more distributed publishers to produce more diverse content? Menu Mining Your Community Students from all over eastern California came together at the San Luis Obispo Courthouse last week for a great experience – the “Mining Your Community” (MYC) Youth Education Seminar. MYC is a California State initiative started in response to Proposition 187 in 1994. According to the initiative’s website, it “focuses on a youth skills-based educational model called Developing the Whole Child, which stresses the importance of social and emotional skills, citizenship education, and community service.” The goal of MYC is to keep youth off of the streets by providing community-based education for at-risk youth. This MYC seminar brought together San Luis Obispo’s Young People’s Outreach Center (Y.O.O.C.) and the New Horizons Teen Center (N.H.T.C.)




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GladiatorRoadToFreedomRemixISOepub ellweb

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